Cancer of Unknown Primary Platform

the Netherlands

Welcome to the homepage of CUPP-NL, Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP) Platform the Netherlands.

CUPP-NL is the expert platform in the Netherlands that is committed to patients with metastatic cancer whose primary tumor cannot be found. By raising awareness and increasing collaboration both nationally and globally, pooling current knowledge and stimulating scientific research, we aim to improve diagnostics and treatment options for CUP patients and CUP patient care in general.

For patients and their family members, we would like to kindly refer you to patient organization Missie Tumor Onbekend whose volunteers are dedicated to providing information and support to patients in a CUP patient journey. They are off course also able to help you in Dutch. 

Incidence and survival data

Regarding CUP, the incidence is declining in the Netherlands. For the most recent incidence and survival data an online tool can be addressed. This tool is accessible via this link

Source: Netherlands Comprehencive Cancer Organisation

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Formation of Focus Groups CUPP-NL

Are you enthusiastic to join us in the fight against CUP, do you have ideas and/or do you want to help in the design of new focus groups, don't hesitate and let us know! Via the button in the banner you find more information, or just sent us an email.

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Milestones 2023

Working together is learning together is making a future together!

Healthcare pathway CUP is started, for more information  is available via this link

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Every week, a cancer of unknown primary origin (CUP) is diagnosed in 25 patients in the Netherlands. This is 1300 - 1500 patients annually. Half of them will die within the first two months after first outpatient visit.



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